Prevent blinking while repeating groups are loading

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I’m working on a web app that have 2 repeating groups at the home page. The point is that I can’t achieve to have a “smooth” loading when the page is loading and the blocks starts blinking and resize. I used the workflow action. I used the conditional “is loading” to show a spinner while the content is loading, but seems that don’t work properly (or I don’t know how implement it properly…)


I would like to have something like a skeleton loading and show all the information when it’s full loaded. Something like this:


Do you know some workaround ?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Thank you ! But I’m actually looking for a solution from scratch instead using a plugin :slight_smile:

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I saw that post in the forum but I couldn’t implement it with success… I’ll give it a try again :slight_smile:

Thank you again Ralph!

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