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Hey there, Bubblers!

Hope you are all well. I just wanted to notify you all of a new commercial plugin I recently published that I think would benefit the Bubble community a lot. It is a custom preloader plugin that shows a loading symbol whilst the page is loading, like this:

It’s currently in rough stages right now, but I thought I’d release it in its most stable release. All you need to do is drag the element with the color of your choice onto your page and done!

Link to plugin: Plugins | Bubble (I’m still working on a price that will work for everyone, one-time or subscription, so please don’t hesitate if you have any suggestions on the price)

Demo: https://marcusandrews.bubbleapps.io/loader
Editor: marcusandrews | Bubble Editor

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me (marcusandrews2018@gmail.com) or post in this thread.

Thanks! :slight_smile:



Quick questions - any particular reason to purchase the plugin if this can be achieved through page load workflows?



It loads the loader whilst the page is loading, not after it. That’s personally why I made before releasing it.

Hi Marcus, I tried on iOS Chrome and Safari, but nothing. Something to do?

Hello @marcusandrews,

Don’t you think the price it’s a bit expensive?
I’m just giving you a tip, as you suggested on the thread. Don’t think I’m attacking you or something, you are free to sell at the price that you think is okay.

I’m just talking about my experience: I spent around +100 hours on dataTables or MultiUploader (around 300-400 lines) which I’m selling them at $25.

Do you think it’s a good price to something can be achieved as @anil said just adding a js on the page?

  • Does the loader jump when changing from one page to another without adding a wf in the page-transaction process?

If you are starting to sell plugins, I think you should experiment first selling more quantity and see what comes after a purchase: Support, bug fixes, reports, updates…

If the price is too high you will get very low/any purchase which will frustrate you.



Not sure I am seeing the value here. I can get the same effect using a floating group with an animated gif with more effect options by just replacing the gif. There is a trick to it, definitely, but $5 a month high. Unless you are enabling some pretty fancy loading effects.

Hi @marcusandrews is this plugin already published? I can’t find it

I think this is solution i’m looking for to not let user on blank white screen and wonder if we are still there…i build my app in a single page and takes around 7-15 seconds to load


Hi Anwar,
we have acquired this plugin.
Here are some plugins that would help your use case:

hope this helps

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Hi @levon …thanks!

Are those 3 plugins can be used for “page pre-loading”, which means before page is loaded (or “when page is loading”)?

Sorry I am a bit confused with the term preloader, loading…whether it is before or after page is loaded. So far when such element trigered from an action in workflow our option for page event is just “when page is loaded”…no option for “when page is loading”…


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Hi Anwar,
plugins initiated after the Bubble page loaded, but preloading means before content is loaded. So while the user waits for something to happen on the screen the plugin would show spinner, splash screen or animated elements similar to facebook etc.
Best is to check the demo page of each plugin to have a better idea how they work

Hey everyone!

We have updated our plugin demo page. Now you can find examples of applying the preloader effect to more Bubble elements. Check it out:

Zeroqode Support Team