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Continuing discussion from [How to allow users to update Stripe card information (for subscription)?

Continuing the discussion from How to allow users to update Stripe card information (for subscription)?:

Hi @pc001, thanks for starting that thread on updating Stripe Card info some time ago, very helpful!

I had already purchased @copilot Payment’s Platform course a while back, which was great in getting up and running! But I was looking for a quick answer and found your thread.

Quick question to both @pc001 and @copilot, or @sharifa. When setting up retrieving customer/card information from Stripe to display for the user (brand, last 4, mo, year), did you also have to change the privacy setting to allow the current user to view Stripe Customer ID?


This was the only way it seems I was able to get the information to display. Is this correct? Or should I not be exposing that data? I don’t want to jeopardize sensitive data, so I wanted to ask whether this is the way to do it and is it safe?

Your feedback would be much appreciated!

Hey @marktuff,

The vast majority of applications do not expose their payment infrastructure identifiers to users as there’s really no reason to do so. Since the identifier that Stripe assigns to each of your platform’s Customers is meaningful to (and exclusively usable by) your platform, exposing that identifier to your users is not beneficial. From a usability and enhancement perspective, the most meaningful data you can share about a user’s own cards is the card brand and last four-digits. Give it a go and see how your users respond. :slight_smile:

Hi @copilot, thanks for the reply!

I don’t want to directly show the identifier to the user on the front end, but what I’m saying is in the Privacy Setting in bubble, do you have to make the identifier “viewable” to the user before this information is able to display.

For example, these are the items I am looking to display, possibly minus the mo and year.


And here is what would show on the front end. I definitely do not want to display to front end users the Stripe cus_ID or the cus_card, but do you have to expose the Customer ID identifier in Privacy for the customer to be able to view this card info?


Reason I ask, is I noticed when I do not have a check mark by the Stripe - Customer ID that the card information does not display on the front end. Is this correct or am I doing something wrong here? Or is there a better and safer way of doing this?

Privacy settings checked:

I appreciate your help.

And for comparison.

When Stripe-Customer ID is not checked in Privacy settings to allow current user to view:

Then his card information disappears on the front:

@marktuff were you ever able to figure this out? I am having the same Issue right now. I know this question was from a LONG time ago.