Stripe - Bubble Plugin - Last 4 Credit Card Numbers not showing

I’ve installed the Bubble Stripe plugin and my User’s are showing up as Customers in Stripe in Test mode and getting subscribed and unsubscribed.

But I’m not getting any data back from Stripe about the User’s last 4 digits or expiry date to show in the User’s Account page. The database fields I’ve created for the User to hold this information remain blank after they subscribe.

My Stripe workflow is very simple:

I thought maybe it was because I need to use ‘Result of Step 1’, but credit card details are not available if I try ‘Result of Step 1’.

Is it because I still need to set up some kind of additional connection in Stripe? These are all empty in my test section in Stripe:


Hi Jess, the section you want to look at in Stripe is Subscriptions (from the left menu). That will list out any subscribers to your plans. Should be in the same area where you set up your plans.

The Connected account section is something else - that’s for if you want to have a marketplace structure and have sellers connect their Stripe accounts to yours.

Also make sure you’re viewing your Stripe data in test mode (there’s a switch on the left menu as well)

Yes he’s being listed there under subscriptions:

He’s using the stripe 4242 test card number. But I do see under Card column in Customers it shows his email address and not the card number. Can you tell me is it supposed to show the test card number here? Then I know it’s something to do with Stripe and not Bubble.

Actually it’s weird, when customer sends payment through it puts the email address there. If I create a customer manually in Stripe, it puts the credit card number in that column.

Omg this took ages to work out.

If anyone else is experiencing the problem of Credit Card number not displaying when using the Bubble Stripe plugin, make sure you don’t have Social Networks permission unticked in your Data Table Privacy tab for the Current User.

I don’t know what Social Networks has to do with Stripe but there you go.

The only workflow I needed as a basic start was:
Update - Correction to this: Once I corrected the Social Network bug, I did not need ‘Stripe Creation Date’ as a field in my User DB. All dynamic Stripe text can be pulled straight from the Stripe texts Bubble supplies in the editor. Also note, you should display ‘Starting Date’ if User upgrades subscriptions so that if User changes plans the starting date of the new Plan will display instead of the creation date of their very first plan.

To display cc last 4 digits /exp date on front end I didn’t need anything extra in DB, I just added text like this:

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