Conversion tracking code / Google tag

Hello !

I need a quick help regarding google ads and specifically their conversion code and google general site tag.

Here is the context : we are launching an SEA campaign in few days, and we have set up all the key words etc… I’ve well implemented the code of the Google Site Tag, but I’m struggling with the conversion code for the event to be measured.

As we have 4 Landing Pages (user goes here from searching on google) with 4 Thank You pages (user goes here after successfully fill out the landing page form), I have 4 conversion tag to paste in the website tags. I have pasted it in the “Page HTML Header” on every Thank You pages because it’s necessary to measure the success of our campaign or not. This conversion code measure if the person has fill out the form coming from an ads.

Here is one for example (I’ve hide important information):

But it seems to not working has the conversion code is not detected by google on our Thank You pages.

Do I have well implemented it ?

Thank your for your help !

I was not able to make the Adword’s conversion tracking work well either, so I track the conversion and referral (including campaign, keyword, ads, etc.) directly in Bubble. In the header, just save the parameter info from the url to a Referral table. I also track user’s session activity. I just manually trigger conversions in the workflows as needed. I know the campagin/ads/keywords and the session activities to lead to each conversion.

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