Google Ads Conversions, tags, triggers setup and triggering 2021


I’ve been reading through the forum on this but not much is written really on how to trigger an event from bubble app.

I need my Submit button to trigger a conversion in Google ads.

So I have placed Google tag manager scripts in the head and body in bubble settings, I’ve set up conversion to track form submission in Google Ads and created Tag and trigger for it (I’m using Google Tag manager and G4 analytics now while having old GA UA installed as well). The conversion is not being verified, I tried many times to trigger it manually.

On button Submit I trigger a JS in the workflow with code:

I’m not a developer and I’m actually not sure if that should do it, according to Google instructions it should, as I copied code from there. HELP!?? :slight_smile:

This is what I get in the console of app when inspected in the browser:

Uncaught ReferenceError: gtag_report_conversion is not defined
at eval (eval at (PLUGIN_Toolbox-action–Run-javascript-.js:1), :1:1)
at eval (PLUGIN_Toolbox-action–Run-javascript-.js:3)


What am I doing wrong?


For those reading and looking for the solution -

I managed to solve this using Element visibility trigger. Essentially you find ID of bubble element and place that as a requirement withing your trigger (in google tag manager). Now when user submits a form, the pop up Thank is shown, and that is used as a trigger to fire the tag.

Conversion is verified and works correctly! Yey


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