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Convert Bubble apps to mobile Application

Dropsource is shutting down

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What is your opinion now, after 2 years?

The same, hasn’t changed!

I’ve checked “Best Thunkable X apps of 2018/2019”. It seems they are also not great enough. I’ve created a topic to talk about web wrappers, fill free to join

The best apps will be better during the coming year for thunkable, they have released some nice updates. It’s not the same as bubble but you can create some nice things. They’ve come a long way the last couple years!

Doesn’t jasonelle/jasonette allow for the creation of a “native” app? Doesn’t the JSON count as native code when it’s loaded onto the phone. Or are those simply wrappers and i am confused?

Hello @jared.gibb

Yes, Jasonelle can be a full native application by default. Using the web view (wrapper) inside Jasonelle makes it easily usable with Bubble and can act as a hybrid application as well. Well done, no one will see that this is a half-part native/web app. I suggest separating your app by page instead of putting everything in one place if you think your app will be complex.

More info 10 min. to build a free iOS / Android native app with Bubble :large_orange_diamond:


Hello @JohnMark ,
I am not a coder but your solution seems not to be that hard. The only question I still have is Can we publish the app after on the apple store and android store ?
And could we be sure that it will be well done and stores will accept the app ?



I had answered you. :slight_smile:
10 min. to build a free iOS / Android native app with Bubble :large_orange_diamond:

Hello I have tried several options for making our into a android application. It works, but the main issue I have is with the buttons, which are links to other sites and Tel and sms links, I want it to open in the default browser. but it opens inside app. and the Tel and Sms links crash. Not sure if this helps but I have used the Webviewer tool in Android studio. I also tried Thunkable and it did not work as well. Any ideas are appreciated. Also, has anyone tried and does it work? IF anyone wants to see the app I built it is here.
It doesnt look as good in the Web, but mobile web looks fine. I am still working on the kinks. Thanks for the help!

maybe this can help:

(disclaimer: i created it)

Can open links either in app or in your default browser.

Hi @bennyogor :wave:

I think you can check our Air Native
For example, this app was wrapped with Air Native and published on AppStore,

More info about the solution is on the official page

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,

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I recommend trying Natively. This way is fast and easy.

You can wrap yourself by following simple steps, and it takes minutes.

No technical skills are needed.

You will get a ready-to-publish iOS app, native features, and guaranteed App Store acceptance.