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I want to state clearly at this point that Bubble team should look into this issue of users not being able to publish their apps to mobile on playstore or IOS. what is trending now is mobile app market. what can Bubble do for us to ensure that our apps can be wrapped or converted to mobile app easily. Bubble is too good to lack this features. I love Bubble


I’m going to respectfully disagree with your perspective here. There are other tools that are capable of building native mobile apps, like Dropsource, Kinetise, and Thunkable X, and you can use Bubble as a backend. That will always be superior than using a web wrapper.

I’d prefer Bubble to focus on performance and additional web-based features, and let those companies focus on the mobile aspect. Obviously, this is just my opinion, but there’s nobody else doing what Bubble does for the web world at a price point affordable enough for folks like me to use. I’d love to see the company double down on web features and performance!


I also think the “mobile app only” mindset is incredibly shortsighted. Responsive PWA’s are where I see the most potential for industry growth (smaller DB driven apps) as a platform. If you are just using the app stores as a place to drum up business, I get it. I just think if your app is “any device” compatible out of the box, you can spend all that extra time on marketing, design, etc… The speed difference between native and pwa is not nearly as significant as it used to be. Why wrap your app unless you absolutely have to have native access?

Totally agree. When bubble will reach high performance with full scalability - then it’s time for mobile :slight_smile:


Spot on.

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I always recommended to take a look to
This tool can be a wrapper but it used all ios and android (almost all :slight_smile: ) commands and let you design fast prototype with only json text commands (file you can place in the root of Bubble). Very simple to integrate with Bubble. At this point, it is the best free tool to merge Bubble and iOS/Android I found.


i think i got your point clear. thanks for other resource platform i can use to achieve my native mobile app.

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hey Andrew,

Do you have any experience using Kinetise or Thunkable X? I’m trying to seek out the pros and cons of each platform for building mobile but can’t really find anything that differentiates between the capabilities or user-friendliness of the two.


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I think I just responded in another post on accident, over here: Wrapping apps in Dropsource

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Hi John

How can I place my json file in the root of Bubble? What does that json file contains? The whole app?

Place your file :slight_smile:

This file will content the json instructions (not the Bubble app) needed to be seen once compiled in iOS and Android store (have to be approved only once). Every change after that, no need to submit to stores. Just change it directly on you json file and your customers will be update on the spot.


Hi @neysha,

Have you seen this post? Create a free app in 10 minutes with Bubble

And you don’t need anymore a json file.


This link doesn’t work lol

Is there a new one? And why don’t you need json anymore?

Thank you

Hi @felix.zehetner

Thanks catching this. Bubble forum have a glitch.

Here the same link:

Read the post :wink:

@Bubble (see my last post)

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Hi @bennyogor,

There is a new way, you can try, it’s a tool for bubblers that converts your web app into a native mobile app without code and at affordable cost. Only for Android as of today but currently working on IOS version.

Please browse main topic for details it’s a tool for bubblers or any responsive website owner



TBH, I don’t have such problems, because I prefer to use apps that I make on my own. BTW, I’m not even a programmer. I know something about programming, of course, but not too much. The secret is - I use low-code platforms in order to make my own apps. I use it for the rad development mostly. I really like Wavemaker. It’s user friendly and effective at the same time. Using this platform is free, because it has a trial period. It helps me to save some money every time I need a new app.

Hi everyone,

We’ve added some cool features to our conversions to give more super powers to your Bubble web apps:

* AdMob Monetization:

Monetize your mobile traffic with AdMob easily with a banner or Interstitial ads.

* Offline mode detector:

Your app will automatically show an alert if you go offline with a reconnect button and a timer.

* Payment with Paypal, Stripe, Woocommerce:

Accept payments on major payment aggregators.

* Audio / MIC permission:

Activate this permission if your app needs to play or record audio.

* Screen orientation:

Pick between: Portrait or Dynamic.

* Push Notification:

Send push to PlayerID works on both Android and iOS
iOS: we provide you with your *.Cer file so you can convert it into *.12 and setup your OneSignal APP ID.

* Webview optimization:

Improved app rendering to allow a native feel (Full screen, no bouncing on all devices)

* Back press button reload:

No more app exit, the back button will reload your view instead.

* Comment:

Mention anything that could help us understand better your app behavior so we can adapt our conversion.

* Live chat support:

Keep the history of your chats with our team.

We invite you to read our Tutorial for further details.
In the meantime, Ideate, Nativate!


No in app purchases functionality, correct?


Not yet.
Added to roadmap. Thanks.


Dropsource is shutting down

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