Publish Bubble App in the App Store / Play Store


This is a very old topic. I know. I researched a lot on this. I did a lot of work. I have no solution. The only things I found cost from 300 dollars to millions.

Can anyone please tell me how I can convert my bubble app into a native app? To publish it on App Store as well as Play Store.

I would be so so happy about a simple answer

Thank you,
Felix Zehetner

I like simple answers. :slight_smile:

You can use (free) to convert your Bubble app and present it to the Apple store. You need at least an Apple license ($100) with a mac and xcode. We can’t escape it.


Thank you for your response!

Is Jasonelle free?

Another way to do it:

  1. Have a mobile version for your web pages
  2. Go to Thunkable and use a web display as the whole screen
  3. It will allow you to download the apk file (Google Store) and the XCode (Apple App Store) to upload. Thunkable is free to use
  4. The only cost is paying the App Store $100 and the Google Play Store $25 for an account. There is no way around it

Jasonelle is open source and yes, free. You will find more info in the community

Jasonelle official page:

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Thank you for your answer!

Does the “made with thunkable” go away at any point?

Have you heard of Flutter? I’m also a no-coder, but can read and write a little bit of Java. With Flutter you can create an app and create only a webview of your webapp. It requires a little bit of coding but can be compiled into IOS and Android. I have not tried it myself but will try it within a month.

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Yes I heard of Flutter, but it’s coded with dart, isn’t it?

Yes it is with dart, but that language is very similar to java and the thingd you have to do is.

  1. Install flutter and a development envirronement
  2. Make a new flutter project (will already make an app for you)
  3. add 1 widget (the webview widget)
  4. Compile the thing

this video will explain what to do:
the url’s under the video are really informative.


Yes it does

Hi Felix,

Rolling out a service to help folks like you convert your bubble app to iOS and Android app at a reasonable cost. Happy to include your project as part of our initial launch. Please drop me a note at and I can share more details.



Hey @felix.zehetner,

We’ve been pushing iOS & Android applications to the mobile marketplaces for over a year with Deploy. The process is simple, covers both applications, and there’s no coding on your end. Once you have your Apple Developer and Google Play Developer accounts, the rest is easy-peezy:

  1. Invite us as a member of your Developer teams
  2. Configure your applications through your Deployment page (example)
  3. Once you’re ready, mark your applications as ready for deployment
  4. We’ll wrap, package and push your applications to the stores

We try our best to get you deployed within 48 hours, and have been able to meet that goal for the vast majority of applications we’ve deployed in the past year. If you have any specific questions for us, you’re welcome to ping us directly and we’ll be happy to assist! :slight_smile:


Do you have a real life app example?

Hey @ashley.benson.tait,

Looks like you could use some clarification here.

Firstly, our whole approach is discreetness. We (and our customers) don’t want our name or product exposing any part of their stack; this is something that was made very clear to us when we started over 3+ years ago. You’ll notice we don’t have a public portfolio for our Projects service either, and for the same reason. When you reached out to us, we let you know we’re working on a public portfolio.

Secondly, seems like you don’t understand how Apple Developer (therefore Deploy) works. You need an Organization account to deploy with us - not Enterprise - which enables you to create a development team from which you can permission us for your account. You wouldn’t want to share your login credentials with strangers, at least we hope not. On top of that, Apple sets their $99/year price for both Individual and Organization accounts. This is information we state publicly on our Deploy page.

If you’re ever not familiar with a service provided by someone (like a tenured agency) or haven’t used a service yourself, encourage others to reach out to the service provider directly instead of sharing inaccurate and dishonest information. The community appreciates accuracy and honesty, including ourselves. :+1:

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Hey copilot.

Thanks for the clarification. I’ve deleted my comment online.

Am I speaking to Brent? I think that’s who is running copilot… perhaps I’m mistaken!

Your service sounds solid friend.

Question. If I have a website with a mobile ready page (that isn’t the index), can that mobile, non-index page be used to create content in the app store?




Have you tried
Works for android only.


But still, I do not get this in the Play Store…

i have a questions.if play sotre and app store not works can we try (iOS)appvalley ( or (android)acmarket appstores ?

Don’t use Thunkable…It will have “made free with thunkable” banner everytime you open the app and if you later decide to go with other means, it will mess up your keystore.

The Jasonette options is clean and free