Create a guide type mobile app

hey ,
I just came across bubble while I was looking for ways to create a reactnative mobile app and I like it features
but I was wondering can I create a game guide app for mobile using bubble ?


Yes, you could create a guide app, and then wrap it in a webview for a more native type solution, but it would not be a truly native app. There’s several ways to go about it if you check the forums, but in short you can create it for mobile, and publish it to app stores.

thanks for your reply @jcindy81
what do you mean by it won’t be truly a native app ?
could you guide me please where should I look in the forums ?

Bubble doesn’t currently support native apps. You would take your web app, wrap it in a webview, and download an apk or xcode file to publish to the app store. It would look like a native app, and install on a mobile device, but would require an internet connection to run. Just search the forums for things like mobile app, or bubble app to mobile, etc. There’s dozens of topics and ways to achieve it.

gotcha , and that’s exactly what I m looking for , an mobile app that require internet connection to run .
thanks bro I appreciate it

Hi @aimane.labiad

Wrapping is easy and free. Enjoy!

thanks @JohnMark that guide is helpful I appreciate it

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