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I have an SPA (single page app), but I’ve noticed that managing an SPA is becoming difficult, and both the editor and the main app are becoming slower.

Now I’m thinking about converting it to MPA (multi page app). I’m wondering if there are any best practises I can follow to avoid redoing the entire app and instead use my existing elements.

It has more than ten pages and fifteen popups because it is an ERP.

I recommend trying to convert the elements for each ‘page’ into a reusable element. That way, you should see a big improvement for editing your pages. Drop each reusable element on the single page so it still feels like like an app. Does that make sense? It also allows for a better transition since you can convert one page at a time. Everyone has different ways of doing this. This is just one option. :blush:

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Are you using the reusable component? If yes, it will be easy to load RC in new pages.

I will say before moving SPA to MPA, make a copy of the project or make the save point.

While moving the group, use “copy with workflows” instead of just copy.

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Thanks @ankur1 , I am not using reusable components.

The only thing I will caution is to do it one page at a time and keep and eye out for formatting…

I’m building a large dating app right now and in a few instances my formatting has been destroyed by R.E.s. so I pulled one page out today and it’s staying in my root page.

Otherwise they are great, but they do come also with issues on how to communicate between them. So make sure to read up on that topic if you go down this road.

@troy.roberge thanks for your advice.

I tried converting one such page into a reusable element and it took lot of time in formatting.

And yes, sending data between pages is also a task in itself.

I am afraid that I might spend one more month in doing this, which I don’t want.

Is there any other trick which I should be using ? Or should I just consider staying with existing design.

I think it is a personal preference and it also helps to start it from scratch as REs. Your options are multi-page which is a slower UI, or single patch with REs or groups… Each have pros and cons, but no one can tell you which is best.

Thanks for your advice @troy.roberge

For bubble, this is actually the most efficient way.

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