Convert negative values to positive in graph

I have created a graph in which I’m showing money in and money out of 5 months. But the money out is in negative and it shows downward in graph. I want to show them along the money in bars. Can someone help me how can I convert the negative values to positive.

after the sum of amount multiply by -1…but depending on how this is all setup that might make your positive numbers negative…so maybe using an operator to evaluate if the number is negative or not, by using a comparative operator after the sum of amount to be something like >0 format as textand in the yes field reference the sum of amount as is and in the no field make the equation sum of amount *-1 and after that you would need to use the convert to number operator.

Thanks But I don’t get an option to use operator.

The screen shot you shared shows all the operators available, such as the :count operator or the join with operator.