Convert rich text editor input into plain text

Some of my users are copy and pasting their input into our rich text editor, and the results comes out like this…

[color=rgb(17, 17, 17)]Zachary Knowles [/color][color=rgb(17, 17, 17)]shares his first release of 2022, [/color][color=rgb(17, 17, 17)]“CIGARETTES,”[/color][color=rgb(17, 17, 17)] out now via FADER Label. The song is upbeat and offers a more grungy, distorted take on Zach’s pop aesthetics. He’s turning heads in the pop and indie-R&B realms and his debut album, [/color][color=rgb(17, 85, 204)]tendency to be a loner[/color] (2021)[color=rgb(17, 17, 17)], [/color][color=rgb(17, 17, 17)]has over 20 million global streams with credits from Ashe, Alexander 23, & more.[/color]

How do i remove the html and convert the users input to plain text?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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