Hey Bubblers!

HTML to Text - Strip HTML tags and special characters; return plain text.

We’ve just released a super-simple plugin to strip HTML elements from your text. Strip tags (e.g, <h1>, <p>) and special characters (e.g., &amp;, &nbsp;) and return plain text.

This is useful for processing the results of API calls and web scrapers that return HTML. It can make the text more human-readable, and can prepare it for text post-processing.

We didn’t see a simple solution on the marketplace, so we built this one! We hope it’s useful and dead simple to use. Let us know if you have any feedback!


Demo Page: https://html-to-text-demo-app.bubbleapps.io/version-test?debug_mode=true
Plugin Page: Html-to-text-demo-app | Bubble Editor

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Very handy @launchable thanks!

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Just curious as to why the plugin was removed from the marketplace? Was quite handy haha

We were transitioning our back-end code to another AWS account, and I didn’t realize this plugin was being used lol. If it’s mission critical for an app of yours, I can put it back online.


any plans to re add this one?

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It’s now been re-added to the marketplace :upside_down_face: