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RIch Text to HTML please

Hey lovely bubblers.

I have a rich text input field that my users can type an email into and then this email gets sent. The problem is that when they make something bold (or another formatting style) this ‘rich code’ doesn’t play nicely with the email.

Of course, the email is expecting HTML tags for formatting such as…

<p>Hi this is a test <span style="color: #ff0000;"><b>Testing 123</b></span> Good luck!</p>

But the bubble rich text is sending code like this:

Hi this is a test [color= rgb(230, 0, 0)]Testing 123[/color] Good luck!

I have a workaround idea which involves find & replace for the basic stuff, but ideally, there must be a much simpler solution? If anybody has one i’d love to know.

Thank you

There is plenty plugins that will do the work text->html.

thank you, i couldn’t find what i needed (I was searching on 'Rich text" rather than “BBcode”. but i have just seen “Air BBcode to HTML converter” and one free one, so will give those a try. Many thanks

You don’t need to translate BBCode into HTML, there are plugins like this “TextEditor(bdk)” that has formating and the ability to transform it to HTML.