Convert Seconds During Workflow? Should it be a list?

In the workflow, I’m trying to convert seconds (timestamp) into a date. However I continue to get an issue that says I’ve currently got a List of Dates when I should only have 1 Date.

To solve this, I only have to add “first item” but I’m wondering if this is a slight mistake @mishav

The error is that this function currently returns a list of dates.


Good pickup, @dbevan!

I’ve published a new version to return just a date instead of a list of date.

I no longer use this plugin myself, having found a workaround using Bubble’s functions.

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No problem. What’s the workaround in short? Is it better than the plugin?

The plugin is better for clarity, but adds a delay of a round trip to another server.

The workaround is better for speed, but the hacking together of various functions makes it harder to see what is going on.

The workaround is an expression of:
Current date/time
zero out seconds
add seconds: PMT (rate 0 nper 1000 pv Current date/time, zero out seconds, extract milliseconds )
add seconds: date_in_seconds_to_convert

I hope that makes you laugh : )

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I’ll stick to the plugin haha


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