Convert text to .doc/.docx with styling

Hi Everyone

Currently I am able to upload a Microsoft Word file, extract its text into multi-line input, and edit text. Once I am done editing, I want to then convert/download that text as a word file that keeps all styling (paragraphs, line breaks, numbering, bullets etc.).

I have only found one paid plugin that lets you download text as a .doc file but it does not keep the styling. All other plugins seem to mainly focus on PDF and .txt files.

Is there a simple solution out there? And if not is there a less simple solution using APIs or something?

Bumping this.

Extract the text input as HTML (you may need to switch input provider for this).

Then you can use Integromat to format up a docx file.

Zapier can do this too. But you may then need to go retrieve the file from Google Drive or something.

Sadly I have not found an “real” API that you can just throw HTML at and get back a word file.


Thanks Nigel. Will explore this. May bug you with some follow up questions later on :smiley:

Now is the time to bug me on this, front of mind at the moment. Why is it SO hard to do this!!

I don’t know how hard it will be but what I mean is I am unable to work on the issue now as I have other work to complete and also have no experience using integromat

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