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New Plugin - Generate and Download .doc Files

Hello everyone,

we released a new plugin: Generate and Download .doc Files

This plugin allows you to generate and download .doc files containing dynamic text from your bubble application. The generation takes place completely within the browser and no external libraries/services are required. You can simple enter the text that the word document should contain and the .doc file will be generated in a few seconds. The text in the document will not be styled.

For a demo of this plugin please visit:

For a demo of this plugin in the bubble editor please visit:Seodemo2 | Bubble Editor

Plugin page: Generate and Download .doc Files Plugin | Bubble


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Please offer a once off purchase price. I need this function but I don’t do monthly payments.

Ok we just added the option.

Thanks. A few last questions: Does the Word file generated recognize paragraph breaks and also does it recognize bullet/number points?

Also can it generate docx. or only doc.?


no it does not recognize any style, only plain text ist exported.

Right now only .doc is exported, but we’ll try to make .docx work as well