Convert text UID to User


can’t find solution to simple problem.
I send to external API Bubble’s user id for reference.

External API sends it back, however it only possible to store it as text not as USER in Bubble API Connector.

So I have table of user ids stored as text. Not as user. Is there any way how to convert them to user?

Round-Women is of type USER. While user is of type text. Therefore I get error. How to deal with this?



Floppy plugin has a Rehydrator action to turn the UID back into its actual Bubble thing.

Other wise you can do a search for the User with the constraint UID = that UID. Then get the :first item


Hi @tylerboodman ,

thanks! As quick dirty fix I solved it with search for UID. I would like to do it with rehydrator instead.
I use amazing floppy plugin, I just didn’t understand how to use rehydrator for this.
Do I need to store it as floppy first?


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You just need the Floppy Rehydrator element on page. The regular Floppy element is not needed just for this instance.

I am pretty sure Rehydrator will have less WU usage because you’re not searching just “rehydrating” which Bubble does all the time

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