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Convert Word Document to PDF Using the API Connector

Hey Bubblers! :wave:

I just released a new video on the eLearning Hub for those that are interested. It is a PAID membership, but I know a lot of people have really been enjoying and benefiting from it.

The new video shows you how to convert a Word document to a PDF using the API Connector.

Check out the video here: Convert Word Documents to PDF using the API Connector

Working with a client, we noticed that the plugins for Word documents are not reliable. The PDF document viewers seemed to be much more reliable when displaying files. We kept trying to use the Document Viewer Plugin but had one issue after the next. It’s not really the plugin creators fault either, because it is the Google Viewer and Word Viewer that are not being reliable. Nothing they can do about it.

Anyways, this fixed the issue because now we just display PDFs only. We convert all Word Documents to PDFs and don’t have to worry about displaying the Word Documents at all.

Anyways, it works great and it’s such a better solution, at least for our needs.

I am sure it’s not for everyone, I haven’t done any testing about security and secured documents.

Anyways, hope that helps! :blush:


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