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Convert WP website to Bubble


I am looking to convert my existing website which is in wordpress in Bubble. The website is going to require knowledge in databases. I am looking for a developer that is reasonably priced to complete this. The current website is and we are accepting bids. you can send any pricing or questions to [email protected]

Hello Cortney,

I would suggest a budget and a bit more detail on the features you require. You can literately do most things with Bubble, but with any software development, the better the specification, the more accurate and efficiently the work will be carried out.


Exactly right @propvideo.

Especially since we can only see certain parts of the website.
What pages do you have or want to have as a website admin to manage things (create/edit blog, view/edit users, does the email subscriptions get made automatically to something like Mailchimp or do you get a notification)

If you have a clear and detailed plan (hopefully written/visualized) for your wants I would be happy to discuss this with you.

Geoff | Wolfer Tech
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