Converting a WP Plugin to Bubble Plugin

I am converting my WP site over to Bubble and I have a plugin that was created by a referral site for me to post my direct links on WP. I want to see if I can convert that plugin to a plugin for bubble myself? Has anyone accomplished this type of conversion? If this isn’t an option, is there a way to show my logged-in view of this site so that the links would show my direct referral link and not the main site as that would go directly to the company and wouldn’t allow me to get credit for anyone who reached out to me? Hope this makes sense. Any resources in which I could read or watch would be excellent.

Hey there @beth,

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I would think that there might be some similarities, but at the same time differences since Bubble has its own way of creating plugins. I’d open up the plugin editor to see if you see any visual similarities in the code of both of them