Converting app to iOS or Android App

Hi everyone, I am new to Bubble and app development so I am just browsing around to see the options. My ultimate goal is to build an app that can be downloaded from the appstore (both iOS and Android) instead of a mobile web app.

How can I change my current bubble app version to an iOS/Android app version? Also, it seems like my app is not responsive meaning it doesn’t adjust itself if i open from mobile. Is there any way to fix it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you so much!

You can’t convert directly Bubble to compatible app for stores (iOS and Android). There’s many discussions on this forum about start your app in responsive mode. You need now to find a wrapper that fit your needs.

Very few people are aware of Jasonette free product to convert Bubble into apps (native or wrap) using simply Json file. They proposed more often a paid product like Dropsource. I feel Bubble is coming with something but nothing yet officially.


Very interesting John.
Are you suggesting this may be the way bubble will implement their native app support?

I’ve head about Jasonnette but it never clicked that bubble will take this route.

One of many roads :wink:
The concept behind Jason(ette) is very easy to implement with Bubble, installing your own json file into Bubble directory. Someone with your java expertise will make that transition easier :slight_smile:

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