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Converting my web App to a mobile App

Hello everyone
I will like to know if there’s a way I can convert a fully fuctioning web app to a mobile App

Hey @oyelayosamuelo, welcome to the forum!

There’s no way to “convert” it - as in it becoming an actual native iOS/Android application. It will always be a web application that depends on Bubble’s servers to even render.

What you can do is to use what’s called a “wrapper”, which is basically a full-screen browser that renders the web app for you, making it seem like a native app. There are several options for getting this done, some of them giving access to a lot of native features like on-device camera, files, biometric login, etc. BDK Native is one of these.

I’ve outlined pros and cons of this solution in this article if you’re interested in digging a bit deeper.

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You can also allow your users to login in from actual native apps via web api connections and cache/serve your bubble data thus allowing you to have a fully native version of your app. The drawback here is you’ll still rely on the bubble backend eventually. So, a native app that requires a connection to the web is what you’d need

This can reduce load times by not needing to “send over” all the js and css and instead only sending over relevant info and you’ll render it client side with your native app.

This requires an entirely separate build. But, it’s totally doable.

A platform like Thunkable may have what you need. Not all the bells and whistles of bubble but could certainly render your data and make something halfway pretty.


Thanks @petter

Thanks @jared.gibb