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Converting text to address for Geocoding

Hey everyone! This forum has been very helpful to me so far.
The current issue I’m having is with Geocoding API. I’m taking address from the user in 3 different input fields such as 1. Door number, Street name 2. Locality name 3. City or town
Now all these fields are of type text since address type is throwing error when we type door number in it. Now, I’m ‘concatenating’ these three input values using “Arbitrary text” and Rich text editor and storing it in a column named Delivery address. I don’t know whether it works or not, I haven’t tested it. In the next page, I’m trying to Geocode this address into Maps and pin the location on the map. As of now, I’m getting some referer restrictions error from Google geocode. I believe it’s because of some restrictions I’ve applied on Google console. I’ve contacted Google about this and awaiting their response. In the meantime, Is this Geocoding possible? Concatenating three text inputs into one large text and converting it into a pin :round_pushpin: on the map. Has anyone dealt with similar issue?

I don’t know how to directly answer your question but this might help

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