Address Conversion on Backend

I have an API call that reads uploaded documents via make flow and resends the parsed and configured text back to bubble.

Problem is I receive addresses as a list of strings - and bubble cannot create a new item where address is list of strings:first item as it doesn’t geocode them.
What’s funny it works like magic if I paste them on the frontend address searchbox.

How to build a flow that these texts are converted to addresses? Is there a command to change something to address?

Yup there is! :formatted as geographical address (paraphrasing).

Hi Jacob. Well I cannot change text to address this way. I do not have this opperator. I can do the vice versa and change address to text, but not other way around.

For now I have build a google api call for google places to get address, but sometimes it doesn’t convert it. And here is my problem.
Anybody has any ideas? :slight_smile:

If anybody has an idea how to solve I am very open to suggestions :slight_smile: As I believe solving some of my issues I had in past were marked as useful solutions.