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Copy a List from one Table to Another

Greetings All;
I am needing to copy a filtered list from one table of sub-items to another. This is an inspection builder that allows the user to create questions that can be responded to in future dates. For archiving/discovery purposes, I prefer copying the text into a new table rather than maintaining the reference to the question.

Where I am stuck… When I run Copy a List it moves the content into a single new cell comma delineated rather than a list of new items in the destination table. It also copies a bunch of stuff in the soruce table. Please Help

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Hi - I’m struggling with what I think is the same problem. I’m building an app that helps you buy a car. There is a list of 40 odd checks and actions to help you not buy a lemon. When a new opportunity comes up, the list of checks and actions is copied to new records (in the same table coz I can’t work out how to copy from one table to another without scheduling a task - which seems stupid to me) that can be actioned and scored. I am so lost on how to store this reference data in a table and have it duplicated for use. When I copy list it is very slow (about 40 seconds) and during that time the reference data is duplicated in the task table, (then I change it so that it’s no longer ref data but live data) - so I can see if two users did the same thing concurrently it would be a mess.

The only way I can think of doing this is to set up all of my ref data once and use “less than a certain created date” to isolate my ref data. Which means I can never add ref data once I’m live :frowning:

For your case, it seems like you could store the 40+ checks/actions in their own data type (e.g. “Checklist Item”), and when a new opportunity comes up, you create a new “Response” to each of these items. You can do this with the Schedule an API Workflow on a List action, which would loop through the Create Response action for each Checklist Item. The structure could look something like this:

Checkist Item

  • Description (text)


  • Checklist Item (Checklist Item)
  • Complete (yes/no)
  • Not Applicable (yes/no)
  • Vehicle (Vehicle)
  • Customer (User)

Here’s a video to help explain the Schedule API on List action:

Each one of these Responses could be saved in a list under the Opportunity record. Hopefully this helps you move in a better direction.

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Thanks @romanmg for your response. With the scheduling - can it be synchronous and is there a limit to the number of jobs I can schedule?

Synchronous for multiple users or within the list itself? The items wouldn’t get scheduled instantly at the exact same time - Bubble queues them up (which you can view in Logs > Scheduler). Usually a list of items can be finished within seconds, but it really depends on the workflow and the length of the list.

You can run the Schedule API Workflow on List action on max of 20K items in a single search (Schedule API workflow on a list - does the list have a limit?)