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How to populate a list in a field from a subset of an existing list

In this scenario, a User A can pre-create list of things and group them into categories as such:

  1. Item category 2) Item name 3) Item location 4) Creator (User A)

eg: My Cars/ Toyota/ Main Street : My Cars/ Ford/ North Oak … so forth
eg: My Bikes/HD / 8th Street : My Bikes/ … so forth

User A (owner of the list) wants to assign the list of My Cars to User B. Where User B can then edit the list and maybe change it for herself. So I need a copy of that list to be attached to a LIST field in User’s B table.

User B table or type has: 1) Receiver (User B) 2) The list (assigned by user A) 3) Modified yes,no

So basically I would be moving a sub-set of data from a list User A created to a table that will accessible by UserB in which one field is the sub-set list. And where User B can edit the list without affecting the original list created by User A.

Important: User A can assign that list a User C and that user can make changes for himself.

I hope I explained this clearly. Any ideas and overall strategies?

Hi @mente12,

Sounds like you want “copy a list” (data action). You select the list to copy and it will duplicate those Things in the database. I’d add an action right after to “add list result of step 1’s list” to User B or C’s list field. Is this what you’re looking for? These will be copies, so original lists won’t be affected.

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@romanmg I just now getting around to doing this and I am terribly confused. Should a copy have an ORIGIN and DESTINATION?

I have a list of things organized by Category. And I want to copy all items that are of the same category to a new record in another table which as a list field to hold the copied values…

I have a dropdown that shows all the Categories I have in my LIST OF ITEMS. Once the user selects a category, I am showing them in a repeating group for reference to the user. All this is working.

Now I want to make copy, upon user acceptance, of all the items in that group to a record in the user’s table which has a field which a LIST of the LIST OF ITEMS table.

If I use your example above, it duplicates the record on the original table but they are not associated with the field in Customer’s table. Perhaps I don’t understand “add list” that you mention as a second step.

Additionally I now end having in my preview duplicates of everything inside a category, so I would need to know how to make the list unique at least when I display to the user. But when user wants to make a copy to another record now there is twice as many items in the category and then 3 times a so forth.

Confirmed… This make the list larger and larger like a binary Rabbit factory.

So the first time I replicate the list (filtered) to make a copy to move over to a field within a record on the other table, it makes a copy of itself. The second time the list is twice as long and then 4 times… 8 time… so forth.

I added a simple graph above of what I am trying to do.

Hey @mente12, it might be more helpful if you had a link so that I can help set this up, but I think the part that you’re missing is the “add list” part.

So once you make a copy, add another action “make a change to user” > list field add list result of step 1 (the copied list you just generated). Now that user’s list field contains the copied list. I’m not sure what you’re doing to get these exponential duplicates… probably adding both original and copy to a list and then copying that, which is not what you want.

Maybe you’re after a copy of the list value, rather than the items in the list being copied?

Make changes to thing, list field, set list, retrieve list to be copied.

@romanmg, thanks for your quick response.

I have both things working but the first step which is COPY A LIST is making a copy of my filtered list to the same table that contains the list. Of course the first time I have the result of that list in my new table all is OK. But the next time when I filter that table again, I am going to have the original content plus the new content so it starts accumulating.

Trees Palm
Trees Dog wood
Trees Oak

Trees Palm (after copy I have the content repeated in the originating table)
Trees Dog wood
Trees Oak

Because now I have twice the amount of tree entries now they will meet the criteria
If I copy that again I have

Trees Palm
Trees Dog wood
Trees Oak

Trees Palm
Trees Dog wood
Trees Oak

Trees Palm
Trees Dog wood
Trees Oak

Trees Palm
Trees Dog wood
Trees Oak

which all now meet the criteria, 4 times the amount

One possible solution (if it exists at all) is to be able to make the copy without the category field content being copied, that way when I filter by list again to display it in the repeating group from which i make the copy, the items with no category will not show and thus I would have a unique list and I would not be adding the duplicates when I associate them (via make changes…) with the new record in the other table… thoughts?

Thanks for taking the time to help but not sure I follow your suggestion.

Everything works now except my table keeps getting bigger with each duplication and more items match the criteria (filter) next time I search for the items to copy over.

Hi @romanmg I think this will simplify what I trying to say:

That’s exactly what is happening inevitably. Because since the copy is made into the same type or table, next time you look for the records to meet that criteria, there will twice as many and so forth.

For example if there were two records with category “trees” next time there will be 4 that meet that criteria and so forth exponentially. The reason is I can’t find a way to distinguish the next time around the original two. What could be the solution?


  1. Display list of items in a repeating group based on a criteria which is will be “copied” to the destination type or table. eg: categories = Trees
  2. On user clicks a button then
  3. Action 1: Copy list of… , List to use… the repeating group mentioned above
  4. Result: The list of items of items shown in point 1 above gets replicated.
  5. Action 2: Make changes to… Make changes to the field… < ADD LIST results from Step 1the field in the destination table that will hold the list that was is showing in point 1 above>
  6. Result: The list in point 1 above gets copied to the field in the proper record in the destination table or type
  7. Unwanted result: A duplicate of the data is now in the originating table with the same category which would double the results of point one the next time the user would select from the list.
  8. Action 3: Make changes to a list… type or things… list to change <resulting from action 1> field to change…
  9. Results in a fix: the duplicated records now contain a category that is different than the originating category and ergo will not show in the list filtered by category as shown in point 1 above. NO EXPONENTIAL DUPLICATION!

Dancing on one leg after 16+ hours on this. New (about 1.2months) to this, of course.

I still don’t know what SET LIST does, I does not seem to be documented.

How about each time the original list is copied from, update a counter on the original list or the new list? Since it appears that the original list is dynamic, maybe make the counter on the new list as the max value+1. Now, new copies of the list should share the same counter value and be unique from the original and other copies of the list.

Also, set list should assign the value being passed in as the new list, regardless of what was there before.

In my case the solution above works as I use just use the category to filter. Your solution would work too if I understand it. I would have to filter for Category and Counter value = 0 (the starting value when the record is created). That would tell me that it was the original list.

Just for curiosity, how would you update a counter upon the copy, what action?

Thanks for the explanation on “Set List”. I will try that as it might work better.

So, “Set List” is really a “Assign List”, replacing any existing list that might be already there and adding if it did not exist. Is that correct?

After making a copy, in the same workflow, perform a “make changes on list” and just reference the results from the previous step.

As for set list, I believe it’s a simple assignment as you describe.

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