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Copy and past a project in an other account

It’s possibile duplicate a project to an other new account?

From what I understand, you would have to expose the application as a template to get it duplicated into a new account.

Yes, I want to do it this way because I have done a project for my customer but in the my bubble- account with my credit card.
Al the beggining I didn’t thought about this incovenience.

Thanks for any suggest

You should be able to transfer the project by adding a collaborator and making the collaborator the new owner. Note that you’ll lose control of the project yourself, so if you want to duplicate rather than move, you’ll need to make a copy of the project on your own account first.

I don’t undestrand. If I make a project (for example a sito…, the best way of working it should be to create a new account in Bubble for my customer and ti have your credentials or It is possible to developer a project for client with own account ? And Being able, however, to insertinserting the appropriate pay card of client ?

If you work frequently with clients, the easiest thing is to have an Agency account. This way you manage the project until it’s done and you can stay on as a collaborator after the transfer regardless of what plan your client’s app is on. The agency plan also lets you work with plugins without paying for them while in development mode.

In your current situation, your easiest option is to go into the Collaboration tab, enter the clients email and select Transfer. Note that the client will need to have a Bubble account set up before that will work.

Thank you and Great suggest ! you’re right and it works! I thought that I should have a proffessional plan but I I was mistaken! :slight_smile:

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