Copy dropdown selections into a database


I am trying to create a workflow for a button that will add the selected dropdown values to my database. It is names of people and wheteher they are absent, present or late. When I select a value for each person on the page, I would like the answers to be then saved to the user database table.

So essentially an attendence record being recorded for those users by clicking on a button at the end of the list.

Any help appreciated.

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Hi @germccarthy,

On Dropdown selection check the ‘auto-bind’ option, it will automatically added to the field.

For your reference :

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thank you very much for explaining. I would like to have a weekly attendence recorded in my bubble database. The idea would be to select a date from a date picker and when the date is selected I can take the attendence for that date and save results to DB. So to be able to save multiple attendences recorded…each attendence is saved into a calender type table with dates and peoples names in question and whether they were present, absent etc.

I would like to see the bubble developement for the example you gave already also if that was OK? I can just access the live link here and as I am just getting to grips with bubble, all of these helpful tips assist me in getting better at using Bubble. Thanks again for your help. Gerry

Happy to help you.