Writing/updating multi dropdown selections to a database

Hello, I’ve created a form where a few fields of the multi dropdown type (all using fixed text items, and some enabling the user to all enter a new one - which would only be for that user btw).

What I’d like to do, when the user clicks the [save] button, is to add the items they have selected to a database which is linked to the user database. For each of the multi dropdown fields I have a separate database.

Firstly, I can’t work out how to do this (I am new to Bubble). Secondly, I would like that the next time the user goes to that form, they will see the data as they entered it (it would be reading from the various databases). Thirdly, if they make any changes - which could include removing some of the multi dropdown selections they made earlier - that their records (and also the form’s contents as presented to them) would be updated accordingly.

Is this possible? Thank you!

Just use the Set List operator.

Thanks Adam! I hadn’t been able to work out how to do this before, but I did another search based on your suggestion and found someone had made a small demo which showed the syntax and the DB structure etc. - in case anyone else wants to do the same thing, the demo is here

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