Can someone tell me how to upload data from a dropdown?

Hi there, i’ve tried to figure out this whole morning how to get my dropdown responses uploaded in a new thing.

Can anyone help me out with this?

btw this is the app:

gr sando

I think you need to provide more information. Which dropdown? What do you mean by uploaded in a new thing? What workflow are you wanting help with? How do you currently have it set up?

From the link, it looks like there are 2 dropdowns and save button, but I don’t have any other information or context about what’s going wrong. If you could provide more info, that’d be fantastic!

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hi andrew! I appreciate that you take your time. Might not have been clear: what i mean is, in general i don’t know where to find the option to put the data from the selection of the dropdown into a new thing.

So for example if people fill in the question “oppervlakte” I would like to have a value of one the options that appear such as “500 m2” .

Hope this makes it more clear

@sando I think I know what you are asking. The same question was asked by someone else yesterday. I’m on my phone so can’t really search now but if I’m right, you are saying that a user selects something in a drop-down and you want to save that value to the database. You do that in your workflow where you are Creating a new thing, or making changes to an existing thing. You select the field in the DB you want to store to and then select = then from the dynamic (blue) list of elements you pick the drop-down then tap the word More that appears after it and select from the options. I can’t remember what they are but there are only two or three. It’s some wording like “user typed text”.

Hi there, thanks for your answer. the problem was laying by the fact that the new data wasn’t shown in the app data overview because i hadn’t selected it there… that was it.

thanks again

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