Copy List of RG from API


i have an RG that contains a list of data from an API and i want it to be transferred or copy to a Thing /Database and i want it to be added or created separately or by each row and not separated by comma.

how can i do it?

Can you share a screenshot? And some more information on the workflow that leads to that point and what happens afterwards? It’s not clear to me what you mean so I’m assuming a few things.

its a list Repeating Group


1 | John
2 | Steve
3 | Smith

i want to create a thing from that Repeating Group? the source was came from an API

APIs has quite some broad usage, but I think you use it like I use it: an external API, something not coming from your Bubble application.
Well, it doesn’t matter, the solution is the same.

There are 2 options. If it’s a small list (less than 90 items):

  1. when the user clicks on a button (or you could define any other trigger),
  2. it schedules a API workflow on a list
  3. The API you call saves each item in the way you want.

If it’s a large list, step 2 would be:

  1. it schedules a recursive API workflow.
    I’ve wrote a little about it here: Schedule API workflow on a list - does the list have a limit? - #23 by rico.trevisan

I’ve assumed quite a few things; did I answer your question?

Well, actually, now that I’m thinking out loud about APIs, your Bubble application cannot return data from an API Endpoint. If you try that on the frontend, the only thing it returns is a boolean if it scheduled the API or not.

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