Help: API Workflow create things from multiple lists


TL;DR: How do I structue an API Workflow to create individual things from multiple lists?

I have a nested repeating group that lists each item from a list, with the child repeating group having two input fields, one is text and the other is number. I am using BDK RG tools to extract the 3 data points (item the child RG is listing, text input and number input) from each cell.

How do I create a new thing for each row within the 3 lists?

I tried the API workflow route, here is my current setup:

How do I do this:
price = This number (from RGdata E’s Column 2 List)
name = This text
desc = This text (from RGdata E’s Column 3 List)

Basically, I want to make a new thing for every row in RGdata E, using all 3 columns. However, I cannot figure out how to reference This number from Column 2 list and this text from Column 3 list, when the list to run on is Column 1 list. Thanks!

To ask in another way, you want to take a list of things and save each element as its own thing?

Hi @paul29 ,

Sorry if my post was confusing. I am trying to take 3 lists of things that are in order, and create a single thing that has the data points from each list from its row. Here is the layout of the data, hopefully it clears it up:

Column 1 List (name), (pulled from dB via nested RG): Apple, Orange, Banana, Grapes
Column 2 List (desc), (text input within RG): The Apple is pretty, The Orange is round, The Banana is green, the Grapes are tasty.
Column 3 List (price), (number input within RG): 3, 4, 2, 1

I would like to take those lists and create individual things in a data type with the 3 separate data fields. So I would have one thing that has:
price: 3
name: apple
desc: The apple is pretty

Can you send a screenshot of the Parent and Child RG’s? that would help see what kind of data structure you need to refer to.

If your “Apple” is already is saved into the DB, why aren’t you making a change to that directly?

My initial thought is you need to add the Desc. and Price fields to your “Type of Fruit” data type.

Hi @DartSpeed,

I used the fruit example for simplicity but to expand, the fruits are already a list of things, that is why I am using nested RGs to list them individually. As well, the “fruits” are pulled from user1 selections and the “desc and price” fields are inputted by user2.

Here is my specific use case with RG screenshots:
Customers create a new “Job” (Data Type) and they selected “additionalServices” that they would like a Vendor to provide a description on Scope of Work and quote a price. Customers selected “additionalServices” (fruits) are saved as a list in the customers “Job” data type. When a Vendor goes to bid for the job, the “additionalServices” are pulled from the “Job” post via nested RG and vendors provide their Scope (desc) and price. I am trying to save the inputs into a separate Data Type because multiple vendors will be providing their inputs. I have a Data Type named Invoice which has the following fields: name of services, description, price, creator.

Parent RG:
RG parent

Child RG:

Development Side:

How it looks on screen:

And if there is a better way to structure my set up, especially from the beginning of the Customer creating the Job post and selecting the additionalServices, please let me know. Appreciate the help!

I was able to solve this using a plugin called Orchestra

Plugin solution for anyone who may run into this: Orchestra enables you to refer to things inside a repeating group, and create multiple things (for each cell in RG), without using API calls. Huge shoutout to @vini_brito I have literally been banging my head for 2 weeks on this. Thank you!


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