Copy Paste Browser Extension

We’re on the hunt for a dynamic freelance developer to craft a browser extension with data scraping and transferring capabilities.

Key Responsibilities:

Craft a browser extension that can efficiently scrape basic data such as customer name, address, phone number from a website’s single-page without pagination.
Integrate a functionality allowing users to design their own scrapers by specifying which fields to scrape from a given URL or domain.
Set up a feature to enable the scraped data to be instantly pasted into another web form.
Connect the extension with a database such as Airtable or similar for storing the scraped data.
Incorporate an on-demand retrieval feature to let users extract data from the database and define where it should be pasted into web forms.

This is copy paste automation extension where users are given ability to design their own scrapers and automations inside of browser extension.

Sounds malicious.

Nothing is malicious about it. This solution is to help auto repair shop in entering customer information in different systems that is required in order to produce pdf documents. This is b2b solution to help with double data entry and eliminate errors.