Essential Kit Copy / Paste

I signed up for the amazing Bubble Essential Kit and have been using it for a while. Suddenly though, I am unable to copy and paste any new elements. It is stuck pasting a prior element and won’t copy anything new. I did try reloading the browser, logging out and back into Bubble and the Essential Kit, but it is still stuck on pasting the same element. Any ideas? It was suggested that @renatoasse might be the person to help?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Hey @tyson,

The most common issue is that you’re using the wrong paste. For example: you should be applying a “Paste with workflows”, but you’re applying the regular “Paste”.

If it’s not that issue, then check the troubleshoot at the extension:

1. New Responsive Engine: Check if your Bubble Page is already upgraded to the new responsive engine. Also, make sure the container layout is not set to “fixed”.

2. Missing Plugins: if the component is pasted but with elements that say “missing” or “missing plugin”, check the “Required Plugins” to see if you have installed all necessary plugins.

3. Chrome Permissions: if the component pasted is the wrong one (the last one you have copied, for example), make sure all Chrome Extension permissions are enabled. Go to chrome://extensions/?id=ljajflekancplollknchkelcbmepgjpe, check the “Allow access automatically to the following sites”, and check the 3 toggles below (, and

4. Refresh the page: if the component pasted is the wrong one and you have already checked Step 3, trying hitting F5 to refresh your Bubble Editor page. Sometimes a simple refresh will get it working :slight_smile:

5. Clear your cache: hit F12 to open Developer Tools, click the “refresh” button with the right mouse button (at the left side of the URL bar), and “Empty cache and hard reload”.

6. Reinstall the extension: go to Bubble Essential Kit - Chrome Web Store, click “Remove from Google Chrome”, and then “Add to Google Chrome”. Now refresh the Bubble editor page and try again.

If you still have a problem using this component, please contact us using the button below.