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Copy private file from one thing to another

I feel like i’m missing some obvious solution to this, but have exhausted all kinds of ideas.
I have an item, “template” that have a couple of values including a File (.docx etc. files) and a Screenshot (.jpg / .png).

I want the users to be able to copy a template thing including the two files that are private to the item.

Creating a new item like below simply references the File and Screenshot:

…the same if I use copy a list of items:

If I create an item an encode the files as base64 it only saves the string:

I can patch the new item by posting an encoded file like below (postman):

…but if I do the same from bubbles on api+backend workflow set to ignore privacy rules/can be run without auth, nothing happens.

So the question remains, how would one make a complete copy of an item including private files?

Thanks in advance!

Just bumping this in the hopes anyone has solved this challenge :slight_smile:

@simon7 In case you haven’t already, check out this part of bubble’s documentation: Reference | Bubble (screenshow below).

Let me know if you need any help with the steps below.

Workflow Steps:

  1. Create server-side action (api call) to get base64 from the private file saved in bubble database.
  2. Create server-side action (api call) to create new file (can be private as well based on how you set it up) from base64 from “Result of Step 1”.
  3. Create a new thing… (Template) : File = “Result of Step 2’s Url”
  4. Profit!