How do I make Private files public?

Previously, I have a multifile column (call it “col”) from a table (call it “tab”) and it was set private and attached to the table “tab”. Now I need to restructure the way I store the files and move to a different table. How do I migrate the previous data? When I tried copying the files, only the links are getting copied but not the files.

How do I solve this?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for replying. I’ve gone through this link. I gives info about privacy, deletions etc but there’s no info about how to copy the private files or unprivate them.

To my understanding once the file was uploaded as private it cannot be made public to non-logged users. You can only manage, through privacy rules, which logged-in users can see it.

Hey @vinay2 - assuming the files are under 50mb, you can do this by authenticating the private file through the app’s API key and then using the save to s3 action or through a file upload API call/plugin

You can then save this as a public file or private file under the new data structure.

You’ll just need to make sure this API token isn’t visible to users on the front end and isn’t saved with the new file name.

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This plug-in helps to change privacy from public to private. Test it, may be it can make vice versa:

Plug-in topic on the forum here.

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Interesting approach @DjackLowCode :+1:

… And the old file would have to be deleted in order not to have duplicate records :smiley:

Solid recommendations @artemzheg

Thanks for sharing! :+1: