Copy / save images to OneDrive

How can I use workflow to take a copy of images saved in my bubble database and save them in another (external) storage are such as OneDrive?
I am trying to create a workflow that will create a new folder on Onedrive and then put in it a number of images that I have created and saved in bubble. I have a url link to the destination folder if this helps.
Yours hopefully - MarkP.

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Two ways:

  1. Explore how their API works and use Bubble’s API connector plugin
  2. An easier way would be to use Zapier or Integromat

Here an example of the latter for Google Sheets

Hi @cmarchan thanks for the help. I am having a try with Zapier. Having issues getting data types visible through the bubble api though. Some data types are visible but some are not. All box’s are checked in bubble/settings/api so i cant get my zaps live at the moment.
I’ll keep trying. Thnx.

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