Modify a thing via Zapier API

I am relatively new to bubble but having fun building a new app.

I am using a Zapier integration to create a new Google Drive Folder (and new Google Doc document) using the Bubble>Zapier integration for Google Drive/Docs.

One thing I can’t figure out: once I create a new Google Drive/Doc, I want to store the address for that Google Drive/Doc as a field for a Thing (“User” field) in Bubble. Eg, I want to have Zapier – via API – edit a field in Thing type “User” called “google_drive_folder”, which would hold the URL for the newly-created Google Drive folder.

That way I can have users click on a link called for example “Newly Created Google Doc for You” and have it launch a separate tab with the newly-created Google Doc or File.

I believe this has to do with a Workflow API, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Any suggestions? Screenshots would be most welcome.

Thank you Bubble Community!

Hey Jeff,
Did you ever end up finding a solution? I’ve also been trying to figure out if this is possible.

I’m not familiar with the particular Zapier API, but I would try to check what that workflow action returns. Maybe it returns all the info you need.

Meaning, on your workflow where you create this GDrive folder:

  1. Add a new action, It can be anything, you just want to check what the previous step returns. Maybe send email might be the easiest
  2. In that new step, click the field to add dynamic data
  3. Check what options that Zapier step returns. It might have the info you need.

If it doesn’t, I would look at Zapier. You could probably add a step where you decide which data it should return.

I don’t think you can do 2-way communication in the plugin - but can you just make an endpoint to catch when a folder is created? (like this: