Copy with Workflows Does not Copy Custom Events

Just like the subject says: If you have a sophisticated thing (say, a group of many elements that performs some function) and that thing triggers Custom Events that are defined in the page’s workflows, if you:

  1. Select that group of things and select Copy with Workflows and then
  2. Paste that group of things on to some other page, you will find that Custom Events upon which that group’s workflows depend ARE NOT copied and pasted. (That is, a Custom Event that is triggered by some workflow in that group’s elements will not be copied and subsequently pasted.)

Why, Bubble, why?

It’s nearly impossible in Bubble to create sophisticated things that are “reusable” (either in the colloquial or Bubble sense), due to things like this. (Attempting to turn a group of this sort into a Reusable Element also causes the same problem.)

Worse yet, by the way, if your destination page HAS a Custom Event on it, Bubble attempts to map all of your other Custom Event triggers to THAT Custom Event, so it quickly becomes nearly impossible to fix what’s broken by the incomplete Copy/Paste operation. Grumble.

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