OK... what am I missing here? (Copy with Workflows)

So, I’ve spent hours and hours and hours constructing an element that I will need replicate all over my app/project. However, when I got to instantiate it somewhere else in my project, it breaks abjectly. Why? Because all workflows are not copied with it…

The grouping in question has two complex workflows which are obviously (I mean this in computer terms) “connected” to the group in question. However, when I “copy with work flows” these two workflows are not copied. And thus, they are missing when I paste the group on another page. And all is broken.

All I can say is: “WHAT. THE. EVER. LOVING. FUCK?”

Well, you say, “just go grab those workflows and paste them back onto the new page?” Well, that’s nice in theory, but in practice, they are all sorts of busted. But they are busted in a way that tells me that Bubble actually “knows” it should have copied those things. It’s like a cruel joke.

Two questions: (1) Why does anyone stand for this? (2) Why doesn’t this just get fixed?

A third question: How does one force Bubble to understand the dependencies involved in these cut/copy/paste operations? anyone? Bueller?

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Current Thread’s Swearing = Current Thread’s Swearing - 1

Current Thread’s Pictures = Current Thread’s Pictures + 1


Ha ha! LOLZ. It’s going to take a video (with lots of swearing) to explain. But surely you’ve run into this and know what I’m talking about. Workflows are only copied if they involve user actions like clicks… If you have an initialization routine (“do this when the page is loaded”) or a “hanging” type of routine (“do this while some custom state on a sub-element is true”) the workflows do not copy/paste.

I’ve seen your work. Surely you’ve seen this. Is there a workaround? (The general problem here is building self-contained reusable components in bubble… at first glance, it seems some basic infrastructure is missing… but like all things bubble, I may just be missing some subtlety…)

Are any workflows getting pasted? If not then first check that you’re using the “Paste with workflows” option, rather than just paste. I expect you are but since you haven’t specifically said so, I thought it was worth checking.

Otherwise, what about making the group a reusable component? Have you tried that?

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NOW WITH VIDEO! This, BTW, is pretty much every interaction I have with bubble…


Twelve minutes of pain… But it illustrates the issue. Warning: Foul language! (As there should be.)


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“reusable” component… HA! Watch video, please. I’m not making buttons here, I’m copying tons of business logic…

Hi Keith

what about page cloning? Cloning seems to preserve workflow connections. So if your calendar tool is the key feature, why not cloning its page and build all the other stuff around it? Here what I will be doing in the next project: create a page “stylebook” which contains all the styles and important and complex constructs. After cloning this you then just delete what you don’t need and you keep going.

Let me know whether this worked for you.

Good luck, O.

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It seems like you have a good grasp on some core concepts. What needs modification is how you’re going about it.

When you’re trying to create a self-contained thing that can easily be added to multiple pages, that’s when you should develop something as a reusable element.

While frustrating, Bubble is operating as intended. Things like a “Do when page loads” workflow is housed with the page, not with this group you’ve pasted. (Think of it as direct versus tangential relationships).

No doubt it’s frustrating and I’m happy to help. And I’m sure others would be much more likely to respond if there was a bit less of a Deadpool-inspired tone.


Yes, I have had the situation where not everything copies across.

Although I don’t think copying an element and expecting the “on page load” states to also copy across is fair.

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