Copy/Pasting with workflows of a deleted element will remove custom workflows

Hey crew,

Just a tip: if you copy/paste with workflows after you deleted an element (I wanted to move it so I did “copy with workflows”-“delete element”-“paste with workflows”) the paste will work but you will lose your page load workflows, custom events and do when a condition is true workflows.

Didn’t notice the first time, closed the browser, cost me a few hours to put everything back together. It won’t bring up issues because the paste actually works. Make sure you copy, paste THEN delete.

Hope that saves someone some headaches.

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Update. Deleting the original element at anytime will actually break it (deleting all of my custom workflows, conditionals and page load stuff). I put it in a focus group, I’m not sure if that makes any kind of difference.

Turns out copying the entire app and THEN deleting the original won’t break it.

@Bubble Is it true then that when you copy/paste with workflows within an app, you NEED to keep the original element somewhere on the app?

I submitted a bug report, but the updated info isn’t in it so I’m moving this to the bugs category.

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