Copying a page to another application not working

Hi all,
Trying to copy a page from an application to my application.
See the page below:

However, when I copy it the result is completely different - all formatting is broken:

Any suggestion to copy it seamlessly?
Thank you

Does the new application have all the same styles and WF folders and data sets and fields? Assuming not, you will prob have to reconfigure those. If those are the 47 issues you have, reconfiguring should take only a few minutes (assuming the editor speed is as fast as the new features claims it is)

I would have 3-4 pages to copy including as you said re-adjusting the workflows. However, as a first step I am just trying to copy the page while keeping the design / formatting… (see screenshot, everything is condensed on the top left after copying the page) but it does not work as you can see? Any idea why? I copied pages in the past and they looked the same after being copied - in this case it’s completely disrupted.

New page needs to be responsive?
what are the 47 issues?

Issues are databased / workflow related like fields missing etc. Yes It would need to be responsive.

I can try to fix these issues, but I dont want to spend time re-creating all the design… I thought there is a way to easily copy the page keeping the design / UI in place.

Did you change the new page to be responsive?

Here is what I see when click responsive:

EDIT: I just tried to upgrade the page to Responsive but It did not work out… still super out of place. It’s weird because the app where I am trying to copy the page from is responsive…:

You aren’t providing any details, but there’s prob one or two setting on page alignment / size that will bring e/t back to the formatting you want. Alternatively, create a responsive page and copy over the components of the page itself.

Are you sure you copied the page? And not just the elements on it?

Yeah, I am selecting the page and then copy to another app. See two steps below:

  1. Copy page

  2. Paste it in my other app, triggers the creation of a new page:

I have the option to “update responsiveness”, which makes it a bit better but all elements are still very out of place:

Happy to gice you more details but what do you need to see?