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New responsive system beta

Thank you all for your help it was no drama in the end

@b.goldsworthy01 , have you checked the margins for each element? this happened to me too, and I had to check margins. Also be sure that the layout fits your design. The old version of the page should be there if you saved it. You cannot revert to the old version, you just can restore the old version (if you saved that page)

Yes i try some pages and also see this, page converts not optimal way and generally you need recreate them in new responsive engine. But that pridictable behaviour because between this two responsive engines so different design philosophy. So i dont think its possible convert from one to another in optimal way, that dont break initial design (speaking about design in usability, responsivness, not about where elements placed in editor)

I did it and nothing different.

Yes @b.goldsworthy01 , I got crazy yesterday trying to find the issue I had (same you are explaining), I took me time, but I could finally find the margin issue…I think we need to get used to the new engine, and maybe for new app better

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