Copying App and Database - Options and Limits?

Hey Everyone…

So I want to back up my app and my database from time to time. It seems my options are:

  1. Settings -> General -> Export Application (as JSON)
    This will give me a backup of my app structure and not the database, which I can store locally on my laptop.

  2. My Apps - Copy App Icon (“Copy the application database content” selected)
    This will backup my app structure and the database and store it on the Bubble server.

My questions are:

QUESTION 1 - is there a limit to how many apps, or the total size of those apps and data, that I can store on the Bubble server using the Copy App method (2) above?

QUESTION 2 - Is there another database content backup method that I am not aware of? In particular, I’d love to be able to select a subset of my database, for example all data belonging to a specific user, and backup and restore that independently.

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Hi @antony. Did you ever get an answer on how to back up the database?