Save points - Want to backup my entire Bubble app

I would like to backup my entire bubble app to include video and images but I’m unsure exactly how to go about it. I have created 'save points however it is stated that " Given your plan, you can go back to any point over the last week.".

Does this mean after a week all save points are deleted?

If I have someone working on my app how can I make a full backup copy so if something bad happens I can still restore my app to its present condition?

I also found in settings under the general ‘App file management’ and there are 4 options to choose from. Will these also help be back up my app?

I still got lot’s to learn.

thank you,


Question: When I’m at my Bubble main page (My Apps) if I select ‘Copy’ for a specific app I guess this is like cloning the entire app? Is everything copied like databases, videos files etc…

Would this be the best way to backup my app?

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