Copying link of uploaded file doesn't work in Plugin editor

Not sure if this is a windows-only bug…

If you upload a file to plugin editor, bubble generates a cloudfront link. Clicking it shows the message ‘copied’.
But pasting from clipboard in a input section e.g. header doesn’t paste the link.

It would also be helpful if the tab name of plugin editor was the name of the plugin instead of the default ‘Bubble Plugin Editor’

This works for chrome on my windows machine but its a real pain in firefox and edge, in some cases your even forced to get the value from the console.

I’ve had this issue for some weeks now. I thought i was the only one experiencing that’s why i didn’t bother reporting it here.
I use chrome on a Windows 10. I always have to use the chrome inspector and copy the link from the source code.

Yeah I’m having issue on all browsers on windows 10. I ended up having to sync to github and copy from there. But inspector looks easier until bubble team fixes it.

Ya facing same thing also. the plugin editor too

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