FIle upload issue (Please help)

Is there any plugins that suit my needed use, (Preferably free) or maybe the plugin i use right now supports it i just dont know how to set it up

as of now im using
File Downloader plugin

Basically what i want to be able to do, is have a owner panel where you can directly change the file being downloaded on a different page. I upload the file by using File Upload, and the uploading works fine, its just the fact that when you upload the file and change the dynamic source of the file changer then it says (Please specify a value) I had to revert this change for now as my clients cant get the files they are paying for.

(How i setup my dynamic source)
Do search for Purchasable_Files: first item’s Example
If my setup is wrong please let me know how I should do it.

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You’re likely going to need to share access to your editor, or at the very least screenshots of your setup. There are too many things that could be going wrong, and it’s impossible to diagnose with the amount of information you’ve shared.

This is another app with the same system (Including workflows)


So you aren’t ever actually creating the file. You’re trying to make a change to a thing that doesn’t exist, then you’re trying to download a thing that doesn’t exist. You need a workflow to actually create the File.

Im confused?

if you could teach me how to do that, that would be swell

ill change my app to anyone can edit

Sure, just updated it. It works now.

doesnt look like your update went though, wanna try again?

Some dude changed the entire app, please make your update again

Ok, it’s back again

and its gone… Jesus christ

Looks like you’ve got a troll on your site, they just deleted everything I did. I’ll create a new one and send you the link in a second.

give me one sec ill revert back

or not, your idea seems better

The Bubble editor seems to be down for me, I can’t get anything to load. Once it comes back, I’ll share the link.

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