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Corner of group

Is this a bug?

I’ve got a reusable element that has rounded corners. Inside it are some text and image elements with square corners.

In the editor it looks like the group’s border wins and cuts off any “sticky-outy” bits of the elements inside it.

But in the browser it looks like the elements in the group are just slapped on top.

Is the reusable element supposed to cut off the corners of the elements inside it?

Is it cutting off the corners of just the reusable element or cutting off the corners for every row/column in the repeating group?

I don’t really understand your question.

It doesn’t seem to matter if the reusable element is in a repeating group or by itself. The elements inside it aren’t cut off by its own group border.

I believe groups don’t mask anything within it; thus, it won’t clip the corners of any elements beyond its bounds. You can turn this into a feature request where this is optional. I use the current behavior in several places, so making this required would probably break some things in several apps.

@emmanuel The editor shows the reusable element’s curved corners cutting off the sharp corners of the elements inside it. Thus, the question about what it’s supposed to do.

Why don’t you make the corners of the elements inside rounded? Or change their background color to nothing.

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